Our Mission

We believe that travel can create lasting change in peoples’ lives. Our mission is to create transformative experiences that connect people to themselves, each other and the world. Small group trips and bucket list experiences that bring purpose-driven and adventurous people together. We move with intention, play with purpose, and bring positive change where we can.

How we started

In 2011, founder Jennifer Li felt stuck. She had a great-paying career but felt directionless in life. So she quit her job and got a one-way ticket to backpack and volunteer through Africa. Between sleeping on couches, meeting kind-hearted strangers, and later meandering through 50+ countries, she found alignment in her purpose and passion. In 2015, she started Map&Move to bring other intentional and adventure-driven people together through travel. 

About Us

We’re a dynamic team of people working both behind the scenes and leading from the front. We bring individual skills and passions to the table to create a diverse offering of trips and experiences that spark communal discovery and personal growth. 

What We Value

  • Community Our community is one where we can confidently be ourselves, ask questions, and lean into each other for support and connection. 

  • Authenticity We champion diversity and celebrate individuality. We value being true to ourselves and each other.

  • Integrity We respect and honor the places we go and the communities we visit. We realize what we have to gain through cultural exchange and approaching life with humility.

  • Participation We believe that real change only happens through personal participation and action. We value cooperation, collaboration, and listening and speaking without judgment. 

  • Sustainability We aim to minimize our environmental footprint and bring positive change where we can. We are committed to working with local guides and organizations with the same values.



They host their first trip to the continent of Africa and commit to working with local expert guides and communities. 


They are invited to attend Airbnb’s first Africa Travel Summit, a conference to discuss how to accelerate inclusive and sustainable economic growth through tourism. Map&Move expands their local trips to include different locations around New York, Philadelphia, Vermont, and also add in a new international trip to Mexico. 


They make their first trips to Iceland and through Southeast Asia. They include community-led volunteer events on their calendar and also expand their signature 3-day long weekend trips to include international destinations like Montreal. They start a sister chapter, Women Making Moves to support female travelers making moves in work, life, and travel.


They host their first trip to Iceland and also commit to hosting trips to less accessible places like Cuba. They also start hosting local events in New York City to encourage people to invite more adventure into their daily lives. 


Map&Move is founded. Their first trip is a cross-country road trip in 3 RV’s through America’s most historic highway, Route 66. This is followed by a whirlwind 8-country trip through Scandinavia and countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. They launch host their first-ever local retreat in New York City to bring adventure-minded people.

I became enlightened about how unique trips and adventures can shape you personally by enhancing your self-awareness, happiness, and motivation.
— Cammy S.