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We believe that travel can open doors, break down barriers, and teach us lessons that classrooms and cubicles cannot. We create travel experiences, events, and workshops for a community of adventurous hearts and minds. 


Map&Move is founded. Their first trip is a cross-country road trip in 3 RV’s through America’s most historic highway, Route 66. This is followed by a whirlwind 8-country trip through Scandinavia and countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. They launch host their first-ever local retreat in New York City to bring adventure-minded people.


They host their first trip to Iceland and also commit to hosting trips to less accessible places like Cuba. They also start hosting local events in New York City to encourage people to invite more adventure into their daily lives. 


They make their first trips to Iceland and through Southeast Asia. They include community-led volunteer events on their calendar and also expand their signature 3-day long weekend trips to include international destinations like Montreal. They start a sister chapter, Women Making Moves to support female travelers making moves in work, life, and travel.


They are invited to attend Airbnb’s first Africa Travel Summit, a conference to discuss how to accelerate inclusive and sustainable economic growth through tourism. Map&Move expands their local trips to include different locations around New York, Philadelphia, Vermont, and also add in a new international trip to Mexico. 


They host their first trip to the continent of Africa and commit to working with local expert guides and communities. 


Past Trip and Experience Leads