Map&Move Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Last updated: January 2019

The Map&Move Referral Program (“The Program”) allows Members to earn promotional coupon credits (“Travel Credits”) toward future trips by referring friends to become new users on Map&Move.

To participate, Members must agree to these terms, which become part of the Map&Move Terms of Service. Capitalized terms that are not defined here will have the same meaning given to them in the Map&Move Terms of Service.

How to Earn Referral Travel Credits

Members can earn Travel Credits if: (i) a referred friend mentions you in writing before signing up for for a reservation or at the time of the reservation and (ii) the referred friend completes a Qualifying Reservation (as defined below).

The referring Member will be credited with the Travel Credit amount(s) specified in the referral invitation or accompanying promotional materials after the completion of the referred friend’s Qualifying Reservation. A referring Member can earn multiple Travel Credit amounts if the referred friend completes more than one type of Qualifying Reservation. Domestic trip are trips within the continental USA and International trips are trips outside of the continental USA.

The maximum Travel Credit that can be earned per Member will be $5,000 USD total in a fiscal year in respect to International Trips and $1,000 USD total in a fiscal year and $2,000 USD in respect to Qualifying Experience Reservations (or its local equivalent* if we support it) made by referred friends, unless indicated otherwise in the referral invitation or accompanying promotional materials.

Qualifying Reservations

A Qualifying Reservation must have the minimum total value (excluding guest fees or taxes) indicated in the referral invitation, accompanying promotional materials or Map&Move website for that type of reservation. Note that this total value may change based on currency fluctuations. The referred friend must complete the stay or the experience before the referring Member can receive Travel Credits. A reservation will not be considered a Qualifying Reservation, and therefore no Travel Credits will be earned, if the referring Member is the host or if the reservation is canceled at any time.

Redeeming Travel Credits

Travel Credits must be used within one year from the date they are issued, after which they will expire. Travel Credits are coupons issued for promotional purposes; they have no cash value and may not be transferred or exchanged for cash.

If for any reason you believe that there is a discrepancy regarding your balance of Travel Credits, please contact us. All decisions regarding your balance will be final and at Map&Move’s sole discretion.